Criminal Administrative Orders

Criminal Administrative Orders

Order Number Description of Order
III-88-A-1 Case Assignments- Felony Division
III-88-A-3 Pictures of Criminal Defendants
III-06-A-8 Discovery Stipulation Between State Attorney and Public Defender
(Available in Court Administration)
III-89-A-10 Interviews – Child/Sexual Abuse Victims
III-97-A-13A First Appearance Criminal History Information
III-93-A-4A Criminal Cases: Pleadings/Papers
III-88-C-5 Bonding of Individual – Felony
III-07-E-6 Allocation of Drug Court Cases
III-92-F-1A Arrest & Booking Procedures as they relate to Magistrate Hearings
III-07-I-1 Career Criminal/Habitual Offender Section
III-02-N-1A Order Concerning Creation of the Mental Health Probation Program within the Circuit Court Criminal Division
III-03-R-1 Notice of Expiration of Speedy Trial
Motion for Discharge
Demand for Speedy Trial
III-03-S-1 Creation of A Mental Health Court Subdivision within the Circuit Criminal Division


2016-39-CRIM **

Mental Health Court Subdivision within the Circuit Criminal Division

** Amends Provision in Administrative Order III-06-S-1A

III-03-S-2 Order Concerning Mental Health Coordination Office within the Circuit Court Criminal Division
III-05-S-3A Creation of A General Magistrate Position within the Mental Health Court Subdivision of the Circuit Court Criminal Division
III-06-W-1A Criminal Cases: Public Access to Court Records
2007-19-CRIM As To Division FQ Cases
2008-97-CRIM Abolishing Criminal Case Management Unit
2010-10-CRIM Establishing Procedure For Appointment Of Criminal Mental Health Evaluators
2010-14-CRIM Felony Drug Court Divisions
2012-11-CRIM Warrantless Arrests for Violation of Probation or Community Control
2012-22-CRIM Vacating Criminal Administrative Orders
2012-23-CRIM Approved Court Reporters for Grand Jury
2012-35-CRIM Establishing Veterans Treatment Intervention Court Program
2015-14-CRIM Establishing a Bond Schedule
2016-13-CRIM Immobilization Agencies Application   Affidavit   Statute
2017-27-CRIM Administrative Order Assigning Judges to Alternate Coverage
2017-59-CRIM Establishing Procedures for Release of Certain Inmates During a Natural Disaster


As to the Introduction of Evidence Containing High-Potency Narcotics


Establishing an Alternative Sanctions Program for Felony Offenders


Establishing an Alternative Sanctions Program for Misdemeanor Offenders


2018-21-CRIM Vacating Administrative Order 2008-2-Crim
2018-49-CRIM Vacating Administrative Order III-93-C-2
2018-89-CRIM First Appearance Division
2018-106-CRIM Assigning Alternates for Felony and Misdemeanor Domestic Violence Cases
2018-113-CRIM Temporarily Governing In-Custody Felony and Misdemeanor Violations of Probation and Community Control and Felony and Misdemeanor Capias’ (effective December 20, 2018 through January 2, 2019)