Electronic Hearing With Zoom

Zoom Information Support

    In order to facilitate court activities, the Office of Court Administration is providing Judges the ability to stream and host court proceedings via Zoom.
    New Zoom accounts are being activated on a rolling basis several times daily. JIS staff are working diligently to ensure that all 17th Judicial Circuit Judges gain access as soon as possible.

Getting Started with Zoom

The Office of Court Administration advises users new to Zoom to watch these videos before getting started with Zoom. 

Tips for Successful Hearings

  • Dress in a soft solid color (like a black robe for judges). If a tie is worn, use a solid tie rather than one with a pattern.
  • When speaking, remember to look directly at the webcam, not at the screen.
  • Position the camera at your eye level or slightly above eye level.
  • Be mindful of what is behind you, choose a solid neutral wall if possible.
  • Check the lighting. Light from a window behind you might blind the camera, making you look dark. Light above you in the center of a room might also cast shadows. Ideally, position a lamp, or sit facing a window, where light is directly on your face. Also be aware that your monitor casts light that can make you look blue.
  • Test your connection and setup with Zoom by testing your connection with a test meeting.