General Administrative Orders

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General Administrative Orders


Order Number Description of Order
I-06-A-3 Judicial Annual Leave
I-94-O-1 Standards of Professional Courtesy (Standards In PDF* Format)
2010-40-GEN Regarding Closure of Courthouse
2010-81-GEN The Pro Bono Committee For The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit
2011-22-GEN As To Reporting Of Proceedings Required By Law Or Rule Of Court Or At Public Expense
2011-40-GEN Delegating Authority Of Trial Court Administrator
(effective August 1, 2011)
2012-21-GEN Newspaper of Record
2012-37-GEN Establishing Procedures for Medical Examiner
2013-26-GEN Establishing Procedures for e-Filing and Court Records
2013-50-GEN Establishes Procedures for Medical Examiner
2013-52-GEN Establishes Grand Jury Terms Commencing January 1, 2014
Memorandum Court Holidays 2019        Court Holidays 2020
2016-8-GEN Seventeenth Circuit Professionalism Panel (Professionalism Panel Referral Form) (Professionalism Panel Members)
2016-15-GEN Security Access Cards
2017-31-GEN Vacating General Administrative Orders
2017-33-GEN Regarding Motions for Rehearing
2017-37-GEN As to Jury Management
2017-42-GEN Vacating Administrative Order I-91-B-6A
2017-64-GEN Courthouse Security
2018-4-GEN Regarding the Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices in Courtrooms and Court Proceedings
2018-10-GEN Regarding Provision Of ADA Accommodations

ADA Information

ADA Request Form

ADA Grievance Procedure

ADA Grievance Form

2018-15-GEN Sexual Harassment Policy and Procedures for Sexual Harassment Complaints Against Judges
2018-16-GEN Sexual Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures for Court Employees and Others
2018-42-GEN Judicial Branch Records Requests
2018-55-GEN Assigning Judges to Conference Coverage
2018-82-GEN Governing Media
2018-91-GEN Assigning Judge to Grand Jury for January 2019 to June 2019
2018-92-GEN Assigning Judge to Grand Jury for July 2019 to December 2019
2018-97-GEN Appointing Designee To Hear Motions For Excess Fees
2018-104-GEN Designating Administrative Judges and Chairpersons
2018-112-GEN Regarding the Performance of Judicial Duties and Establishing Circuit Civil and Criminal Duty Coverage     Criminal Duty Schedule     Civil Duty Schedule
2019-6-GEN Procedures for Circuit Court Appeals and Petitions for Extraordinary Writs
2019-27-GEN Court Interpreters Program
2019-40-GEN Assigning Judge Yael Gamm to Grand Jury (January 2020 to June 2020)
2019-41-GEN Assigning Judge Marina Garcia-Wood to Grand Jury (July 2020 to December 2020)
2019-43-GEN Administrative Order Establishing Procedure For Appointment Of Counsel In Criminal And Civil Proceedings And Establishment Of Due Process Service Provider Rates
2019-68-GEN Assigning Judge to Grand Jury January 2020 to June 2020
2019-69-GEN Assigning Judge to Grand Jury July 2020 to December 2020
2019-80-GEN Assigning Judges, General Magistrates and Hearing Officers