New County Court Judge Giuseppina Miranda


Congratulations to Giuseppina Miranda, the 17th Judicial Circuit's newest county court judge. Governor Rick Scott appointed Judge Miranda to the county bench on Friday, November 15, 2013. No stranger to the Broward courts, Judge Miranda has been a General Magistrate for the 17th Circuit since 2007. Prior to that, she was in private practice and also worked as a prosecutor for the State Attorney's Office. 

Congratulations on your new role in the 17th Judicial Circuit Judge Miranda!

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Eliminating the Schoolhouse to Jailhouse Pipeline

CMF_8510 CMF_8530

On Tuesday, November 5, 2013, a landmark collaborative agreement was made official when county agency and community leaders signed The Broward County Collaborative Agreement of School Discipline, a pact aimed at curbing the “schoolhouse to jailhouse pipeline.” This agreement softens the “zero policy” standard adopted in the 1990’s by creating new procedures for schools to follow when a student commits a non-violent misdemeanor at school. Alternative resolutions to incidents such as trespassing, harassment, alcohol-related incidents, and possession of misdemeanor amounts of marijuana will now be implemented by administrators -- counseling and treatment in lieu of arrest.

This cooperative effort has been a long time in the making, and involves the participation of many agencies including the 17th Judicial Circuit Court, State Attorney’s Office, Public Defender’s Office, Broward Sheriff’s Office, Fort Lauderdale Police Department, Florida Department of Juvenile Justice, Broward County School Board, and more. It is anticipated that this collaborative agreement will reduce school-related arrests by 60 to 70 percent, seriously curtailing the “schoolhouse to jail house pipeline.”

A special thank you goes to Circuit Judge Elijah Williams, in the juvenile delinquency division, for bringing this idea to Broward County!


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Fort Lauderdale, FL -- The first oral argument in the 17th Judicial Circuit’s newly-created Appellate Division is scheduled for Friday, November 22, 2013, in the Main Courthouse, 201 S.E. 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301. A three-judge panel will begin the docket at 9:30 a.m. in courtroom 416. Proceedings are open to the public. 

In July of this year, the 17th Judicial Circuit adopted a three-judge county to circuit civil appeals process. The initial judges to preside are the Honorable Jeffrey E. Streitfeld, Honorable Carol-Lisa Phillips, and Honorable Michael L. Gates. Panels rotate every six months; three new judges will assume their appellate roles in January 2014. 

In addition to county civil appeals, the panels will also preside over petitions for extraordinary writs seeking mandamus, quo warranto, certiorari, prohibition or habeas corpus relief, whether the appeal originates from county civil or county criminal. 

The oral argument docket, as well as the Administrative Order establishing this new process, can be viewed on the 17th Judicial Circuit’s website, www.17th.flcourts.org. 


Courthouse Team Walks for a Cure

team  photo by: Ramon E. Nazario

A team comprised of courthouse judges, staff, and their family and friends, took part in the Making Strides for Breast Cancer Broward 5K Walk on October 12, 2013. The 17th Circuit Court for a Cure team was established just this year, with the intention of building comraderie among co-workers while participating in a cause that touches almost all of us in one way or another. 

Great job to all our walkers! 

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New Foreclosure General Magistrate


The 17th Judicial Circuit Court welcomes Lisa Dolin Eiss who became our newest General Magistrate on October 1, 2013, presiding in the Foreclosure division. Prior to joining the 17th Circuit, General Magistrate Eiss served for seven years as Vice President and Assistant General Counsel for J.P. Morgan Chase. She has also worked as a litigation attorney for Glantz and Glantz law firm. 

In this new position, General Magistrate Eiss will put her expertise to good use, as she joins the very busy Foreclousre division. She is enthusiastic about helping out in the world of mortgage foreclosures. 

Welcome to the 17th Circuit family! 

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Judges Recognized

Streitfeld.award Grossman_award

In recognition of his humanity, integrity, and dedication to the bench, bar, and community, Judge Jeffrey Streitfeld was awarded the 2013 Stephen R. Booher award at the Broward Bar’s annual installation in June. Having practiced in front of the late Judge Booher during the 70’s and 80’s, Judge Streitfeld is particularly appreciative to receive an honor named after someone he looked up to. “It is quite a privilege to be recognized in this way, though we’re only as good as the people who work with us. You’ve just got to try to do the best you can,” says Judge Streitfeld. 

The Broward Bar also recognized Judge Mel Grossman with The President’s Award at the annual installation in June. This special honor was presented to Judge Grossman citing, “your willingness to take on any task Broward County Bar Association asks of you and your ability to do it with style and professionalism.” 

Congratulations to both judges!

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Senior Judge Lazarus Honored


Senior Judge Joel Lazarus was honored with the Florida Law Related Education Association’s 2013 Outstanding Service Award for his many years of dedication to educating Florida’s youth. The award recognizes “lifetime achievements in the advancement and promotion of law related education and exemplary leadership in Florida’s high school mock trial program.”  

Throughout his legal career, Judge Lazarus has been active in many community education programs and initiatives both locally and state-wide, from the beginning of Fort Lauderdale High School’s Mock Trial program to advising and judging competitions all over Florida. His advice to young attorneys and law students is the same he follows himself…”The best way to get involved is through education.”

Congratulations Judge Lazarus!

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Creation of Circuit Civil Division Ready for Trial Docket

In an effort to offer litigants with pending jury trials greater access to the courts, litigants with pending cases in the circuit civil division may place cases on the 17th Judicial Circuit’s Ready for Trial Docket. The Ready for Trial Docket will afford litigants and their counsel the opportunity to place any circuit civil case to be tried by a jury on a trial docket. The case may or may not be under a current trial order but, the parties through their counsel shall stipulate the case meets all criteria to be placed on the Ready for Trial Docket.

The parties may specify a date certain period they wish their case to proceed to trial. If a judge becomes available during their specified time the case will proceed to trial. If the parties specify a date certain for trial and no judge is available, the case will be returned to the division judge. No party will be required to proceed to trial if their case is not reached within their specified time. Nothing precludes the parties from resubmitting the case, if not reached at their specified time, on future Ready for Trial Dockets.

To be placed on the Ready for Trial Docket the case must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  1. All counsel of record and any self-represented party must sign a stipulation acknowledging the case meets the Ready for Trial Docket criteria and is ready for trial.
  2. The case must be pending in the circuit civil division.
  3. The case will be tried within (7) court trial days.
  4. The case is a jury trial.
  5. The parties either are under a current trial order or stipulate they are ready for trial and all witnesses and trial exhibits to be used at trial have been disclosed.
  6. The parties will have mediated the case before trial.
  7. No dispositive or Daubert motions are pending with the courts.

Ready for Trial Docket Stipulation Form

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Three Judge Panels for County to Circuit Civil Appeals

The 17th Judicial Circuit today announces the creation of three judge panels to preside over county to circuit civil appeals. Beginning July 1, 2013 all county civil appeals appealed from the county court to the circuit court will be heard by three judge panels. In addition to county civil appeals, three judge panels will also preside over petitions for extraordinary writs seeking mandamus, quo warranto, certiorari, prohibition or habeas corpus whether the appeal originates from county civil or county criminal.

Three judge panels provide a more efficient and timely disposition to pending appeals; assure more streamlined and consistent decisions; and bring the 17th judicial circuit in line with every other circuit in this state.
Effective July 1, 2013 individual civil division judges will no longer handle county to circuit appeals. All cases will be decided by three judge panels.

Administrative order 2013-25 Gen creating and establishing three judge panels can be found at www.17th.flcourts.org.

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