New County Judge Kal Evans Sworn In


Kal Evans was sworn in as the 17th Judicial Circuit's newest county court judge today, September 2, 2014. Administering the oath in a courtroom packed with Judge Evans' friends and famiy members, as well as many judges and court staff, was Chief Judge Peter Weinstein. Judge Evans is assigned to county criminal division MW and takes the bench for the first time on September 3, 2014.

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Judge Goldenberg Receives NSU Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award

The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit proudly announces that Judge Renee Goldenberg has been named the Nova Southeastern University Distinguished Alumni achievement award recipient on behalf of the Law Center. Warmest congratulations go to Judge Goldenberg on this singular honor.

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URGENT NOTICE – Potential Juror Scam

Chief Judge Peter Weinstein once again issues a warning to Broward County residents regarding juror scams. While it is important that citizens respond to the call for jury duty, Broward residents should know that the jury services division in the 17th circuit and law enforcement agencies throughout the county will never contact citizens via phone to solicit money or social security numbers for failure to appear at jury duty. If you are contacted by anyone telling you that there is a warrant for your arrest for failure to appear at jury duty and/or telling you that if you submit payment you will not be arrested, hang up the phone and contact Broward County Jury Services at 954-831-6089.

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Judge Singhal Appointed to State Council

Circuit Judge Raag Singhal was recently appointed by Governor Rick Scott to serve on Florida’s State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision. Filling the 7th seat of this important committee, Judge Singhal will bring a fresh judicial perspective to the group’s task of finding ways to improve a system that deals with adults ordered in Florida to court supervision who serve the sentence in another state. His term lasts from August 20, 2014 until June 30, 2015. 

Created pursuant to Florida Statute 949.072, the council meets at least twice a year. Taking a fresh look at the changing laws, the goal of the council is to revamp the rules and regulations that apply to the interstate program. At present, there are about 7,000 nationwide offenders on interstate supervision; nearly 2,000 of them are in violation.


Governor Scott Appoints Kal Le Var Evans and Daniel Kanner to the Broward County Court

Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Governor Rick Scott announced the appointments of Kal Le Var Evans and Daniel Kanner to the Broward County Court.

Evans, 37, of Fort Lauderdale, has served as Assistant State Attorney for the 17th Judicial Circuit since 2003. He received his bachelor's degree from the University of Michigan and his law degree from Nova Southeastern University. Evans fills a vacancy created by the resignation of Judge Joseph Murphy.

Governor Rick Scott said, "Kal Evans' wide experience serving Floridians for more than a decade as a Broward County prosecutor will make him a great asset on the Broward County Court. I welcome Kal to his new position as he continues to serve with integrity and respect for the rule of law."

Kanner, 49, of Plantation, is a partner with Bauman & Kanner, P.A., where he has practiced since 1998. From 1992-1998, he served as Assistant State Attorney in Broward County. He received his bachelor's and law degrees from the University of Florida. Kanner fills a vacancy created by the appointment of Judge Edward Merrigan to the Circuit Court.

Governor Rick Scott said, "Throughout his legal career, Dan has demonstrated the qualities that make for a great judge. I am confident that he will serve Florida families with respect and humility on the Broward County bench."

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Graduation Honors for Judge Merrigan


The 17th Judicial Circuit Court congratulates Judge "Colonel" Edward Merrigan upon his graduation from the U.S. Army War College!

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Judge DeLuca Elected to JQC

The 17th Judicial Circuit Court extends warmest congratulations to Judge Steven P. DeLuca who has been elected by the Conference of County Judges to serve on the State Judicial Qualifications Commission.


Changes to Complex Litigation Divisions

17th Judicial Circuit Announces Changes to Complex Litigation Divisions
Chief Judge Weinstein recently signed a new Administrative Order regarding the Complex Litigation Business and Tort Divisions
Attorneys and Litigants should note highlights in the Administrative Order:

• Cases may be direct filed into a Complex Business or Tort Division utilizing a form to be completed and filed through the e portal 
• Procedures regarding a request to transfer a tort case from a general division judge to a complex division have not changed
• Requests to transfer a business case from a general division to a complex division shall be heard on a transfer calendar by the Administrative Judge of Circuit Civil (Judge Tuter) 
• All business cases set out in A-H shall either be mandatorily filed if new, or if an existing case shall, on motion set on the transfer calendar, be transferred to the complex business division including:

A) All UCC non-consumer claims which exceed $150,000
B) All commercial foreclosure exceeding $500,000 which are accompanied by  a request/motion for appointment of a receiver or assignment of rents
C) All cases in which the subject matter is an Assignment for the Benefit of Creditors
D) All business dissolutions and related shareholder/partnership/LLC disputes
E) Any business case where the subject matter relates to trade secrets where the amount in controversy exceeds $150,000
F) All business cases involving Non-Competition Agreements or disputes where the amount in controversy exceeds $150,000
G) Disputes involving the confirmation of non-consumer arbitration awards
H) All shareholder derivative actions where the amount in controversy exceeds $150,000

• Any denial of a request to transfer a case to complex business or tort may be heard by the Administrative Judge of Circuit Civil

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Free Wi-Fi Access to Court Records

Effective April 7, 2014, the 17th Judicial Circuit Court and the Clerk of Courts for the 17th Judicial Circuit jointly announce free Wi-Fi access to electronic court records. Access to clerk of court filings may be obtained via the Court’s wireless Wi-Fi access points throughout all four Broward County courthouses; Main Courthouse downtown in Fort Lauderdale, West Courthouse in Plantation, North Courthouse in Deerfield Beach, and South Courthouse in Hollywood.

All citizens, attorneys, law enforcement or state agencies, and any other interested parties will be able to access the clerk of court’s website and obtain efiled pleadings, case information and other matters of record that have been filed in a particular case.

The website service permitting access to Clerk of Court records is Broward County Electronic Court Records which can be found at http://ecr.browardclerk.info. This website will permit anyone to search and view case details or other electronically filed images attached to a particular case.

Please remember certain clerk of court files contain a hybrid of efiled documents or images and original paper filed documents. Website access only permits viewing of efiled images.

Users of the web service should access the site via Wi-Fi enabled devices such as mobile phones, laptops, and iPads utilizing web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Safari. Other portable devices may be able to connect, but viewing may be limited based on a device’s display capabilities.

To access the service while in a courthouse:

1. Connect your device to wireless network “Courthouse Public Wi-Fi”.

2. Enter http://ecr.browardclerk.info in your browser and accept website disclaimer to continue.  

3. Begin your search by entering the name of a party, case number or other search criteria depending on the type of case.

4. Access to court records are dictated by the Florida Supreme Court and therefore   confidential filings and other images not approved for public view may not be available.

5. Document images may not be downloaded or printed.

Please note a few variables that may impact the ability to access case records:

* The website may not be compatible with all portable devices or web browsers. 

* Wi-Fi coverage may not be available in certain areas of the Courthouse.  

* Guidelines for use of laptops and portable devices in the courtrooms are at the discretion of the Chief Judge, individual Division Judges and Court Administration.

* For help, technical support, and questions about the website, contact   This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  

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