Three Robing Ceremonies Honor 13 New Judges

Friday, February 10, 2017 marked the third and final judicial robing ceremony of the year in the Seventeenth Circuit, by the official swearing in of the last five of the circuit’s 13 new judges. 

The Honorable Chief Judge Peter M. Weinstein presided over all three ceremonies which took place on Thursday, January 19, Friday, January 27, and Friday, February 10. 


January 19 Robing Ceremony, pictured left to right: Judge Barbara R. Duffy, Judge Michael Lynch, Judge Florence Taylor Barner, Judge Kim Theresa Mollica


January 27 Robing Ceremony, pictured left to right: Administrative County Court Judge Sharon Zeller, Judge Deborah Carpenter-Toye, Judge Jennifer Wigand Hilal, Judge Jose Izquierdo, Judge Martin S. Fein


February 10 Robing Ceremony, pictured left to right: Administrative County Court Judge Sharon Zeller, Judge Keathan B. Frink, Judge Andrea Ruth Gundersen, Judge Betsy Benson, Judge Kathleen McCarthy, Judge Michael Davis


Judge Schiff Book, Baseball and the Law, Gets Elite Review

The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit’s Judge Louis Schiff has again been recognized for Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials, a law book he co-wrote and published in 2016. The Marquette Sports Law Review, deemed by many as the most prestigious sports law journal in the United States, has published a robust, 19-page review, aimed at giving guidance to law professors who wish to teach baseball law and adopt the book.  

Reviewer Russ VerSteeg concludes his introduction of the review by saying “…Schiff and Jarvis present cases and notes that help us appreciate, understand, and gain insight into some of the most important legal and social issues of the past and present. Antitrust, labor unions and collective bargaining, civil rights (e.g., issues relating to race, gender, and sexual orientation), the reserve clause, betting, gambling, drugs (both recreational and performance-enhancing), alcohol, violence, accidents and injuries, cheating, agency, family law, immigration law, environmental law, and communication technologies (e.g., radio, television, and Internet) all enter the mix of the interface between the sport of baseball and the law. The abundance of information and wealth of knowledge that this text offers makes it an invaluable resource.”

To read the full review, follow this link: http://scholarship.law.marquette.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1700&context=sportslaw

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New Chief Judge Elected

Fort Lauderdale, FL – The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit is pleased to announce the election of Judge Jack Tuter as its next Chief Judge. The role of Chief Judge assumes overall administrative responsibility of the circuit court, its staff, and its 90 judges. The Chief Judge is elected by a majority of the judges within the circuit. Judge Tuter officially begins as Chief Judge on July 1, 2017. 

The current Chief Judge, Peter M. Weinstein, is completing his third and final term as Chief Judge. He was first elected as Chief Judge in 2011 and that term will conclude on June 30th of this year. Judge Weinstein intends to remain on the bench in the Probate and Guardianship division.
First appointed in December 2005, Judge Tuter has served for many years as the administrative judge of the Circuit Civil division in the Seventeenth Circuit. He earned his Juris Doctor degree from University of Memphis and was admitted to the bar in 1982. 
Judge Tuter expressed his sincere thanks for the support of the judiciary and is looking forward to his new role.

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ATTENTION: Jan. 17 Moves to New Courthouse

Effective Tuesday, January 17, 2017 the following judges and magistrates will be moved in to and will be conducting court in the new courthouse: 


Judge Gold, Div. 60, Chambers 3125, Courtroom 3144 

Judge Greene, Div. 1/61, Chambers 12121, Courtroom 12152

Judge Speiser, Div. 62, Chambers 15133, Courtroom 12178  

Magistrate Laventure, Div. 68, Chambers 12129, Hearing Room 12176

Magistrate Vanni, Div. 69, Chambers 12127, Hearing Room 12174 


Judge Haimes, Div. 08, Chambers 16125, Courtroom 16170 

Judge Levenson, Div. 09, Chambers 16135, Courtroom 16165 

Judge Bidwill, Div. 05, Chambers 16133, Courtroom 16160   

Judge Perlman, Div. 04, Chambers 16131, Courtroom 16155  

Further, Judges Haimes, Levenson and Bidwill’s divisions are now fully electronic and will be receiving e-orders and e-scheduling.

All other civil divisions will be conducting business in the old courthouse until approximately March 2017.

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Eight New Judges Sworn In


January 3, 2017, the Seventeenth Circuit welcomed eight new judges to the bench in a group swearing-in ceremony presided over by Chief Judge Peter Weinstein. 

Pictured above, from left to right are: Chief Judge Peter Weinstein; County Civil Judge Betsy Benson; County Criminal Judge Deborah Carpenter-Toye; Circuit Criminal Judge Barbara R. Duffy; County Civil Judge Kathleen McCarthy; Circuit Criminal Judge Michael Lynch; County Civil Judge Kim Theresa Mollica; County Civil Judge Florence Taylor Barner; Family Judge Andrea Ruth Gundersen. 

Congratulations to all! 

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Two New Circuit Judges Sworn In

unnamed  IMG_0108

In two seperate ceremonies last week, the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit officially welcomed the Honorable Keathan B. Frink and the Honorable Martin S. Fein as they were sworn in to serve on the Circuit court bench. Both were appointed on November 14, 2016 by Governor Rick Scott. 

Judge Frink, sworn in by Circuit Judge Michael A. Robinson, received his law degree from University of Florida and most recently worked as a private practice attorney. His previous legal experience includes serving as an assistant public defender and as Assistant Regional Counsel for the Fourth District Office of Criminal Conflict and Civil Regional Counsel. Judge Frink is assigned to the Seventeenth Circuit's Family division.

Judge Fein, sworn in by Chief Judge Peter M. Weinstein, received his law degree from Stetson University and served as an assistant state attorney in the Fourth Judicial Circuit. He has been a solo practicioner since 1998. Judge Fein is currently assigned to the Circuit Criminal division. 

The Seventeenth Circuit congratulates and welcomes our new judges!

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Judge Schiff Book Recognized in Harvard Law Review

Baseball and the Law: Cases and Materials, a book authored by Judge Louis Schiff, recently received recognition in the Harvard Law Review. 

Follow this link to read the review: 


Congratulations Judge Schiff! 

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Administrative Order Extending Time Periods Due to Hurricane Matthew Court Closure

Last Updated (Thursday, 13 October 2016 10:21)


Court Closure Details

The Broward County Court System will be closed starting at noon today, Wednesday, October 5, and will remain closed on Thursday and Friday, October 6 and 7. The dependency shelter hearings, delinquency detention, domestic violence and first appearance divisions will remain open today, October 5, until the dockets are finished. All court services will be suspended on October 6 and 7.

Pending any unforeseen circumstances, the 17th Circuit will re-open on Saturday, October 8, for first appearance, and delinquency detention and dependency shelter hearings. All other court services will resume business as usual on Monday, October 10, again, pending any unforeseen circumstances.

This circuit will be applying to the Florida Supreme Court for an extension of deadlines.

This announcement will be updated, as needed. 

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