Court Programs - Family Mediation Unit

Family Mediation Unit
Located in the Judicial Complex, Room 565
Contact Number:

Petitioner's name A-I (954) 831-6313

Petitioner's name J-Z (954) 831-6088


The Family Mediation Unit serves to minimize the adverse effects of divorce on families.  The program staff help preserve the parental relationships before, during and after divorce by helping parents constructively and amicably resolve conflicts concerning their children. These resolutions are formalized in the form of a written agreement and may be made an order of the court if requested.

Mediation is provided by court order in family matters, including married and unmarried persons, pre and post judgments, as well as grandparent visitation issues.  The pre-judgment issues include primary residential parent, parent-child access, shared parental responsibility issues and child support.  Post-judgment issues include changes of primary residence, changes in parent/child access, modification of child support and shared parental responsibilities.