Traffic Program

Broward County Traffic Court Program


The Broward County Traffic Court Program was established in 1989. Its purpose is to efficiently manage all civil infraction cases by assisting the County Court Judges with the ever increasing caseload. The essential elements of the program are comprehensive and continuing training, a hierarchy of administration, uniform procedures, and excellent public relations. The Broward County Traffic Court Program is extremely successful. It is the model training program for the State of Florida and continues to be the benchmark for procedures throughout the State. The criteria for success is efficiency in the disposition of cases, reduction of costs, activism in public safety, public education and maintenance of “user friendly” methods that promote the entire judicial system in a fair and positive light.

Broward County’s 30 Traffic Hearing Officers resolve in excess of 50,000 civil infractions per month. In November of 2005 municipal parking was added to the Traffic Court Program thereby increasing the caseload by an additional 1,200 cases per month. Civil infractions are heard at all courthouse locations, with parking being heard only at Central and West satellite courthouses.