09 Foreclosure Division

Mortgage Foreclosure

Foreclosure is the enforcement of a mortgage lien by judicial sale of the property. A mortgage lien is created when there is a loan contract for money borrowed under a note. This loan is secured by the mortgage lien upon real property. When the debt is not paid according to the loan contract terms, or when other contract terms are violated, the lender can pursue its lien on the property. If you represent yourself and are served with a writ of eviction or other notice in a pending Foreclosure case the procedures for scheduling a hearing can be found on the Self-Represented Litigant Flyer. Presiding Judges in the Mortgage Foreclosure Division:

CHRISTOPHER (Senior Judge) POLE (Foreclosure - Senior Judge)

Phone Number: (954) 831-6072
Zoom Meeting ID: 914-9639-3836
Chamber: WW3121
Courtroom: WW4150
Division: 11


Judicial Assistant: Melinda Fleming
Phone Number: (954) 831-3580
Zoom Meeting ID: 852-787-101
Chamber: WW16129
Courtroom: WW16160
Division: 11