Misdemeanor Drug Court

Misdemeanor Drug Court

The 17th Judicial Circuit’s Misdemeanor Drug Court Program (MDCP) is a therapeutic court that is designed to assist people with substance abuse problems and succeed in living a substance-free life by promoting positive change through treatment and education.

If a person is charged with possession of cannabis, possession of drug paraphernalia, possession of a controlled substance without a valid prescription, underage drinking, prostitution, or any other non-traffic misdemeanor and has a substance abuse problem, they may qualify to enter the program.

As a voluntary participant in the 6 month MDCP it is agreed that the client will meet with a Supervision Specialist who will develop an individualized case plan; will attend status hearings to monitor progress; complete two educational classes; submit to random drug and alcohol screens; and attend treatment if required.

The benefits of participation and successful completion of MDCP include:  charges being dismissed; retaining your driver’s license; removing impediments to employment, military service, living arrangements and public benefits, among others.  Educational programs help identify challenges and provide tools and strategies to conquer them and live a more productive life. Relapse prevention is emphasized to learn how to change criminal thinking to critical thinking.

GOAL:  The goal of the 17th Circuit’s Misdemeanor Drug Court is to help clients effectively deal with underlying issues so that recurring court involvement, along with drug use, is prevented.  Studies have long confirmed that Drug Courts significantly reduce crime as much as 45% more than other sentencing options.

The presiding judge of the court is: