About Court Administration

Kathleen R. Pugh, Esq.

Trial Court Administrator


201 SE 6th Street, West Wing Tower, Room 20170

Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

Contact Number (954) 831-7740

Hurricane Information Line (954) 831-7777

Americans With Disabilities Information Line (954) 831-7721

The Court Administrator is selected by the County and Circuit Court Judges to assist the Chief Judge in carrying out the administrative duties of the Court. The primary responsibility of the Court Administrator’s Office is to serve as staff to the Circuit and County Court Judges and to oversee and supervise the operation of all court programs. Court Administration ensures the smooth operation of and coordination between all units.

The Court Administrator’s staff provides assistance to ensure the day-to-day operations of the Court run smoothly, always mindful of the mission of the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit as well as an outlook toward the future needs of the people in Broward County.

The Court Administrator is involved in all aspects of court management and serves as staff to the 90 Judges in both Circuit and County Courts. The financial management of the courts is performed by this office. The State and County budgets are prepared and managed by the Court Administrator.

Personnel Services are provided to court employees, both County and State funded positions. The Court Administrator’s office is responsible for all research and statistical analysis required by the Chief Judge, State Court Administrator and the Florida Supreme Court. The Court Administrator is charged with the responsibility of operating and supervising all Court Programs.

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