County to Circuit Appellate Panel

The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit has a three-judge panel system to preside over its Appellate Division. The Seventeenth Judicial Circuit empanels two civil circuit court judges, and one criminal circuit court judge to preside over appellate matters. Judges presiding on the Appellate Panel are on a six-month rotation schedule.

For more information concerning the Appellate Division, please review Administrative Order Number 2020-89-GEN, Establishing Procedures for Circuit Court Appeals.

All parties must review the Guidelines for Communication with the Appellate Division.

Matters in the Appellate Division include: appeals from final administrative orders of local government code enforcement boards and of reviews and appeals as otherwise expressly provided by law. See §26.012, Fla. Stat.

Appellate Panel (July 2023 – December 2023):

The Honorable John B. Bowman (presiding), The Honorable Jeffrey R. Levenson, and The Honorable Yael Gamm