CMS – Frequently Asked Questions

I accidentally scheduled an event with the wrong Motion, I am unsure how to add the correct Motion to the event that has been scheduled already.
Once you have already scheduled the event, you cannot change or update the Motion:
1) You can cancel the event and reschedule it again, you might lose the existing time slot.
2) Contact the JA to know if it can be corrected.

How to schedule a new event?
How to set MC hearing: click here to follow instructions from the video.
How to set SS hearing: click here to follow instructions from the video.
How to set CC hearing: click here to follow instructions from the video.

I need to set a motion calendar hearing after 2 months from today, and there are no available dates but I do see available dates for the current month and the next month. How do I find future available dates?
The reason could be that the division hasn’t opened up the dates for that month you are interested to set a hearing. The calendar dates are continually being updated by JA who manages all calendars depending on Judges’ Schedule. If a specific date you are looking for is not available, please check back later for an updated schedule as when a hearing is canceled the slot reopens. Note, you can always request the JA to set up the earlier hearing for you, if it is an emergency.

I will not be able to travel for my upcoming hearing that is already scheduled, I would really like a telephonic hearing, I’ve been trying to contact the Judge’s JA and can’t seem to get through. Please advise what to do?
Please refer to the division procedure about “how to attend the hearing by phone” and follow the process (see link below)
Judges Procedures
If you have any questions regarding the procedures, please contact the Judge’s office/JA directly. Please leave a voice message for JA, you will be contacted back.

We have been trying for two days to schedule a hearing on Judge’s motion calendar and keep getting a message that it is unable to create the event – does not matter what date we pick on that is available?
You encounter this issue when the case style is missing. Please contact Clerk’s office to add the Case style. Once they add a case style, you will be able to schedule a hearing.

How to check the status of the case hearing?
1. Go to your Docket menu
2. Change the docket date to the date of hearing
3. Go to the Calendar menu and select ‘Show Events by case’ select the month view, you may navigate to the next month by clicking on the right arrow.

Why I’m not able to view open dates for Calendar Call type of hearing?
When you are unable to see Calendar Call types of plan that means the previous CC hearing is still active on the docket with “Ready” status.
Please call the JA and ask her to:
1. Cancel previous hearing
2. Reset your hearing to another future date
Remember resetting hearing to future hearing will generate a “Resetting Order” and upon Judge’s approval, it will be e-serviced via e-portal.

How to obtain a confirmation of Hearing receipt?
The Notice of hearing is e-serviced through an e-portal upon scheduling.
If the hearing was already scheduled, you may click on the Printer icon next to motion from the docket tab.

How does the Trial Order Work?
You must schedule Calendar Call types of hearing for a trial.
1. When an Attorney schedules a Calendar Call type of hearing, the Trial Order is auto-generated and the Trial Period is attached to the hearing. The Trial Order goes to Judge’s Pending queue and Attorney can view the Pending list under Workbench tab.
2. Upon approval, it moves under the ‘Approved’ list of the Workbench tab
3. The Approve/Rejected order is e-serviced to all parties via E Portal
4. Attorney can view the E Portal reference id under the “Completed” list of the workbench tab
5. Attorneys can view the status of the case from the Docket tab, just change the docket tab to the date you have scheduled the CC hearing. “Pending status means, the order awaiting Judge’s approval”. “Ready status means, the order has been approved”.

I’ve been trying to attach a supporting document for a Judge and apparently there is an error. The Judge’s JA indicates to contact the Court’s IT. Please look into this so I can file my supporting documents.
Please click here to follow instructions from this video.

I’m trying to upload supporting documents for a hearing with Judge, but I don’t see a tab for uploading documents.
Please click here to follow instructions from this video.

I’m trying to upload supporting documents for a upcoming hearing with Judge, but I’m not able to see hearing.

  1. Please check to make sure that you are login to CMS using the same username’s email address that is also listed on the e-service list.
  2. Make sure you change the end date to a future date. click here to see the image.

How do I know that the Judge has received the supporting documents? There is no tab for viewing the supporting documents, only an option to print the receipt of the hearing.
You can view the attachments by clicking on the Calendar tab and selecting the option “Show Events by Case”. Enter the case number, and the “from and to” dates fields are auto-populated with today’s date. Based on the date of the hearing, please make necessary changes to the “From” and “To” date. If you see the documents here that means Judge has received the supporting documents and are attached to the hearing.

How long the supporting document are available for viewing in the CMS?
For 90 days.

I am trying to upload an ‘Order to Appear and Show Cause’ order. There is no option in the drop-down menu matching this category. What do I need to do?
While creating Proposed Order in CMS, you will see only a list of accepted order types under the Court Order drop-down menu. You have to choose one of the accepted court order types from this list only
If it’s not listed there, then it’s not a valid Court Order type for that division and you have to submit it manually. Please contact the Judge’s office directly for further instructions on how to submit manually.

I am having trouble submitting an agreed order via CMS using Mac High Sierra and Chrome and the save button is not visible.
The blocker is enabled in your browser causing the issue. Please activate the blocker from the web browser. In order to do that, click on the “Warning message icon” in the web address bar, located in front of the bookmark this page (star) icon, and then select “Load/Allow scripts”. Then re-run the application and create the order and you should be able to see the save and other buttons at the bottom.

I submitted an Agreed/Proposed Order. How can I check the status of my order from the CMS system?
You are notified via email upon submitting the order to the CMS system. When Judge either Rejects/Approves or Reject for Correction, you are notified via email again with the status of the Order. You may monitor the status of your order from the CMS system as well by going to the Workbench tab and checking your:
Pending Queue: Pending, or Pending for Correction.
Approved Queue: When the order is approved the same day, it will stay in “BATCH” status until our system sends the orders to the e-portal for e-filing. The user cannot open the order when it is in the “Approved” queue.
Once the orders are e-filed through the e-portal the status of the order will change to FILED (cannot open the order when it is in the “Approved” queue).
Completed Queue: When an order is in COMPLETED status, it will show in the Approved and Completed Queue.

Judge, in his divisional instructions, requests that all courtesy copies be uploaded through CMS.
You can upload courtesy copies at the time of setting up a new hearing or an event. If the hearing is already scheduled, retrieve the hearing from the Calendar tab by selecting “Show Events by Case”. Click on the “Add Attachment” button and follow the instructions from this video.

The attorneys do not receive the supporting documents after the order is approved by a Judge or when a proposed order is submitted by an attorney, is that correct? How can this be accomplished?
Yes, the supporting documents are used for Judicial review only. So the creator will receive the draft proposed order only after submitting and they DO NOT receive the other attachments the attachments can be emailed directly to the parties if needed.

I am trying to upload supporting documents for a future hearing. The hearing is set by opposing counsel and does not show in my “events”, so I tried finding it via “Show Events by Case” but when I load the case number, it says “Error! Your email address is not registered for this case number at State Portal. Please try again later.”
If your email address has not been added to the e-service list at the state e-portal on that specific case that you are trying to access, you will not be able to pull the event on that case. So please add your email for this case with the state e-portal first, then you should be able to pull the event by case number. You will be able to upload supporting documents as well.

How do I attach supporting documents to the Agree/Proposed order?

How to check the status of an order?
1. From the Workbench select the ‘Pending’ queue, and search by the case number. You will see the status of your case. ‘Pending’ means, it’s awaiting Judge’s approval.
2. ‘Approved’ queue means the order has been approved.
3. ‘Completed’ queue means the order has been e-filed through the e-portal.

I am attempting to register with the CMS system. The site is rejecting my bar number and not allowing me to register.
There could be multiple reasons:
1. You have already registered your bar id at our CMS system.
2. Maybe your Bar number is not active on Florida Bar Website, please check the status.

I have changed Firm, how can I log in to CMS again?
Before you move to a new firm, please take the followings steps:
1. Go to Florida’s Bar website and update your email address.
2. Log in to CMS with an old firm user id and password that is used in the current firm and make sure to change your email address using the “Users profile” window with your new email address.
You can perform step 2 after you are moved to a new firm.

I have never received the Registration Confirmation email?
1. The confirmation email is always sent to the email registered at the Florida Bar website.
2. Please check your Spam folder.
3. Add to the valid domain to avoid redirection to Spam/Junk folder
4. When a sub-user does not receive a confirmation email, the parent attorney can click on the User Profile menu and select My Settings>>Sub User option.

How to update User Name or Password in CMS?

How to Update User Profile?
You may correct your name or change your password from the User-Profile window, and it will be updated in our system. You must be logged into the system. How to get to the User-Profile window:
1. Click on the User-Profile icon
2. Go to user => User profile (there are two tabs one to update the profile and another to update password)
3. Before making desired changes, click on the edit button, then the save button to save your changes.
Is there a minimum monitor resolution for MAC that is required to view the CMS site.
Please use the system in full screen, or reduce the browser view to 90% instead original 100%. To take a window into full screen view, you click on the Green Full Screen icon in the top-left of the window. Click it again to go back to standard view. Or choose View > Exit Full Screen (Command-Option-F)
How to access the CMS system to schedule a hearing as ProSe and where do I submit the ProSe Registration Form?

What to do when same email is shared by multiple user?
We recommend that the lead Attorney creates his own account if doesn’t have one then create a sub user account for his/her legal assistant instead of sharing his/her account.
Here are the instructions on how to create a sub-user:

What to do when a Respondent is not listed in the case style. Is there a process where I am able to add the Respondent?
The CMS system picks up the case style from the clerk’s system and we cannot add or modify the case style. You can get the case style changed with the clerk directly, if you want to add it or to show differently.

Can you please advise how to delete our client’s email addresses from the state e-portal?
You need to contact the e-portal support directly to resolve your issue. For e-Portal technical support, attorneys may contact the Florida Courts e-Filing Portal via email, or call the Florida Courts e-Filing Portal Support Desk at 850-577-4609 (technical support). Our system gets the e-service list of all parties from the state e-portal, but our system allows users to un-select the parties from the list at the time of scheduling the hearing.

 I’m attempting to submit an Agreed/Proposed order but I see that the Judge’s Name is showing up as ‘Unassigned’ but I’m able to see the division code. Can I still submit the order?
As long as there is a division code, you should be able to submit the order.