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Broward Drug Court Program was created in 1991, and is the third oldest drug court in the nation. The Drug Court Program was originally designed to divert first time, non-violent criminal offenders from jail under the Pre Trial Intervention Program. In 2009, the Post Adjudicatory Drug Court Program was funded with grant money to divert non-violent offenders facing prison and offering them substance abuse treatment. The goal of the drug court program is to restore these individuals as productive members of society. Drug Court participants are monitored by the Drug Court team, including the Drug Court Judge, treatment, and the Florida Department of Corrections.

The Pre Trial Intervention Program is designed for first time offenders, without a felony conviction. Defendants receive substance abuse treatment, and upon successfully completing the PTI Drug Court Program, their cases are dismissed. Defendants entering the Post Adjudicatory Drug Court receive substance abuse treatment in lieu of incarceration. These prison-bound defendants are diverted from prison and offered substance abuse treatment. Drug court participants have status court hearings where recommendations are presented to the judge based on the clinical needs of the participant.

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