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Broward County is a two-tier judicial system: Circuit and County Court. Each of these levels are divided into two different areas of jurisdiction: Civil and Criminal.

Circuit Court is the court of general jurisdiction. It has exclusive original jurisdiction in all actions at law in which the matter in controversy exceeds $15,000, in proceedings relating to civil disputes, as well as criminal, juvenile, family, domestic violence, and probate. Circuit Court also hears appeals from County Court and administrative bodies of local government.

County Court is a limited jurisdiction court, hearing actions at law in which the controversy does not exceed $15,000. County Courts have exclusive jurisdiction over traffic, small claims, most landlord and tenant disputes, and misdemeanor criminal cases.

Judicial Lists By Division

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Circuit Criminal

Circuit Civil

County Civil and County Court Criminal

Probate & Guardianship

Unified Family

Domestic Violence

Juvenile Delinquency

General Magistrate and Hearing Officers