Juvenile Traffic Court Case Management

Juvenile Traffic Court Case Management

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The purpose of the Juvenile Traffic Court program is to promote public safety while driving. This includes financial responsibility, legal operation of vehicles on the roadways, and efficient, effective resolution of civil traffic citations involving juveniles. Automobile crashes are the leading cause of death and injury to American adolescents. The program benefit is that a juvenile who successfully completes the program will have the case dismissed, resulting in no impact on the driving record, driving privilege, and parents’ vehicle insurance.

All civil traffic infractions that involve a juvenile (17 years or younger at the time of offense) who have pled not guilty during the ticket compliance period (30 days) will be scheduled for a separate juvenile docket. Further eligibility requirements include that the civil infraction does not include an excess of speed over 30 mph, an accident resulting in injuries did not occur, and the juvenile has not been referred to the program previously.

During the first pretrial conference, the Juvenile Traffic Hearing Officer may order the juvenile tasks such as community service hours, essay, and a driver monitoring device. The premise is that the juvenile will gain insight by completing the tasks. Case managers present approved options for completing the assigned tasks from the Juvenile Traffic Court Program resource book. The juvenile will have 80 days in order to complete the assigned tasks. The case managers monitor the status of the case and report whether the juvenile completed the program.

If the court finds that the juvenile defendant is not eligible for the Juvenile Traffic Court Program or the juvenile does not choose to participate in the program, he/she may make any pre-trial motions, enter a no contest plea, or the case will be set for trial on a juvenile trial docket.