Online Scheduling Help Page

Online Scheduling Help Page


Please be advised, effective April 4, 2016, certain functions of the court’s electronic scheduling system will change. Most will be internal and not seen by the user. However, the scheduling of orders and submission of agreed orders will change. In the past, after a trial order was scheduled online, the order was printed and submitted to the judge with envelopes.

Effective April 4, 2016 all cases scheduled for trial will be electronically placed in the judge’s queue of orders to approve and the approved trial order will be sent via email to all attorneys or self-represented parties with registered email addresses with the state E-portal.

All users must be registered with the state E-portal. Further, in order to schedule a case for trial the scheduling attorney must now check a box certifying he/she will send the trial order to any self-represented party. As the court often does not know if an attorney has withdrawn in a case or if there are self-represented parties without a registered email address, the court, under the rules of judicial administration now will require an attorney of record to certify he/she has served any court order on a self- represented party.

The uniform trial order has been amended on this issue as well. Lastly, on trial orders, the mediation section of the order has changed. After the trial order has been approved by the judge, another order will likely be sent out by the court designating a mediator for the case.

Any questions or glitches with the system can be sent via email to the courts Judicial Information System at

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