Behind the Gavel: An Event Celebrating Broward’s Hispanic Judges

In recognition of Hispanic Heritage, the Broward County Bar Association and the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association held a virtual “Behind the Gavel” event, in honor and celebration of our county’s Hispanic judges last week. Judge Marina Garcia-Wood was recognized as a Trailblazer, for her role in founding the Broward County Hispanic Bar Association in 1989. She and other colleagues established the organization with the aim to promote judicial diversity and the interests of Hispanic lawyers. It was the first of its kind in Broward County.

To watch Behind the Gavel: A Celebration of Broward Hispanic Judges, click here:

Pictured here are the judicial participants from this year, Trailblazer award recipient Judge Marina Garcia-Wood, a screen shot of just some of the 135+ participants and observers from this year’s Zoom event, and last year’s in-person event.

Judge Schulman’s HOPE Court Program Featured in Florida Bar News

CDC Guidance for Returning to Work after Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Infection

The 17th Judicial Circuit Announces Creation of Virtual Courtrooms via Zoom

Although it is unknown when face to face courtroom activity will resume in the Seventeenth Circuit, we will be prepared with new virtual courtrooms which allow litigants, attorneys, and witnesses to appear via Zoom from a remote setting or in-person inside the courtroom. The circuit’s IT and Audio/Video departments have been hard at work developing a process to interface Zoom into technology that already exists in the courtrooms. When put to use, these virtual courtrooms will offer many advantages to seamlessly maintaining court dockets.

17th Judicial Circuit Virtual Jury Trial Initiative

17th Judicial Circuit Virtual Jury Trial Initiative 

On May 11th, The 17th Judicial Circuit hosted a Circuit Civil Mock Jury Zoom Trial in partnership with ABOTA’s Fort Lauderdale Chapter. Due to current COVID-19 Crisis and the rising demand to keep the courts running remotely, The 17th Circuit has been experimenting with running Jury Trials Remotely, via ZOOM. This is The 17th’s third Mock Jury Zoom Trial in its: Virtual Jury Trial Initiative.

Below are the YouTube links to all 3 Mock Jury Zoom Trials:

Circuit Civil Mock Jury Zoom Trial, Partnered with ABOTA – 05/11/2020

County Criminal Mock Jury Zoom Trial – 05/06/2020

1st Circuit Civil Mock Jury Zoom Trial – 04/14/2020

Cannabis Cards in the Courts

Dependency Division 31 with Judge Africk-Olefson and Magistrate Plant recently hosted a standing room-only “Cannabis Cards and the Courts” lunch and learn session, featuring a 4-person panel of experts in the field. Medical marijuana doctors, researchers, substance testing, dispensaries, law and legislation were all topics of the two-hour discussion.