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Court Reporting Services

Located in the Judicial Complex, West Wing Tower, Room 19170

Contact Number (954) 831-6260

Court Reporting Services (CRS) uses digital recording to allow central monitoring of up to three courtrooms simultaneously via video monitors and four-channel audio for sound isolation. Digital court reporters type in identifying case information and speaker’s identities on “tag” lines which become part of the record.

Case files are passed under a bar code scanner in the courtroom which automatically adds the case number to the record. The courtrooms at each of the three regional courthouses are remotely monitored at this same central location.

Using PCs in the control room, playbacks can be “streamed” back into the courtroom and re-recorded. CDs with tag notes can be burned immediately following a proceeding, and provide a quick, inexpensive alternative to a transcript. This system is currently being used in 35 courtrooms and hearing rooms.

Additionally, two mobile units are used for chambers and hearing rooms not currently wired for the system. Juvenile proceedings, domestic violence hearings, county criminal court, mental health court, drug court, and selected circuit criminal courts are all recorded digitally. Upon written request, transcripts can be provided at current contract rates.

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