Probate and Guardianship

The Probate Division handles all matters relating to:

- Determinations of incapacity for individuals over the age of 18

- Appointment of guardian advocates for developmentally disabled adults

- Estates (disposition without administration, summary administration and formal administration)

- Guardianships

- Trusts

- Mental Health (Baker Act)

- Substance Abuse (Marchman Act)

- Tuberculosis

- Sexually Transmissible Diseases

- Expedited judicial review for medical treatment.

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ALL Professional and Non Professional Guardians:

FDLE is no longer accepting or processing hard copy applicant fingerprint cards.

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Local Procedures of the Broward County Circuit Court
Probate Division

Revised December 2013

Updated: Memorandum regarding Special Needs Trusts and Pooled Trusts

Memorandum and Order Requiring Certification Clause

New: Affidavit of Heirs to be filed in all intestate cases (in both formal and summary administrations)

Audit Checklist
Disclosure Statement
Employee Statement
Ex Parte Request Form (Judge Gold)
Ex Parte Request Form (Judge Greene)
Ex Parte Request Form (Judge Speiser)
Filing Fees
Guardian Application

Required as of July 1, 2008
Professional Guardian Annual Checklist
Professional Guardian Additional Case Checklist
Non-Professional Guardian Checklist

Handbook for Guardians
Revised August 2012

Guardianship Forms
(Inventory, Plans, Accountings)

Probate Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Revised July 2013

Personal Representive's Handbook

Revised July 2008