Local Rules

Local Rules

A Local Rule is defined by the Florida Rules of Judicial Administration, Rule 2.020 as:

“a rule of practice or procedure for circuit or county application only that, because of local conditions, supplies an omission in or facilitates application of a rule of statewide application and does not conflict therewith.”



1A Court Divisions
2B Alternate Method of Drawing Jury, Venire Pursuant to 40.225, Florida Statutes.
3 Traffic Violations Bureau Court Costs, Traffic and Misdemeanor Cases
4 Approval of National Highway Safety Council Defensive Driving Course
5 Approval of D.W.I. Counterattack School
7 Petitions for Rehearings – Civil Division Vacated by 2010-47-GEN
8 Orders for Signature – Civil Division
10A Uniform Motion Calendar – Ex Parte Motions To Compel Discovery, And Special Set Hearings
11 County County Civil – Ex Parte Motions To Compel Discovery And Special Set Hearings