Mediation & Arbitration

Court Mediation and Arbitration
Broward County Courthouse
201 SE 6thStreet, West Wing Tower, Room 19150
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301

General Information
Main Line: (954) 831-6077
Automated Information Line: (954) 831-6076
Hours of Operation: 8:30am to 5:00pm Monday through Friday
The Court Mediation and Arbitration Program provides and monitors alternative dispute resolution services offered by the 17th Judicial Circuit. The Court Mediation and Arbitration Program offers several services including County and Small Claims Mediation, Family Mediation, Dependency Mediation, Circuit Civil Mediation, Non-Binding Arbitration, Broward Community Justice Alternatives and Parenting Coordination.

County and Small Claims Mediation
Defendant’s Last Name A-K (954) 831-7768
Defendant’s Last Name L-O (954) 831-7636
Defendant’s Last Name P-Z (954) 831-6310
The program provides mediation services as an effective alternative to a court hearing. Civil county cases such as landlord/tenant, eviction, breach of contract, employment and consumer disputes of $15,000 or less may be court ordered to mediation. Mediators who mediate are certified as county court mediators by the Florida Supreme Court.

Family Mediation
Mediation Services Coordinator (954) 831-6325
Scheduling – Petitioner’s Last Name A-M (954) 831-6313
Scheduling – Petitioner’s Last Name J-N (954) 831-6088
The program provides mediation as an opportunity to minimize the effects of divorce on families including pre & post dissolution cases as well as for paternity cases of unmarried parties when they have minor child(ren).
To use this program, a case must be filed in Broward County and a family mediation order must be signed by a Broward judge. Mediation scheduled through this program is subject to income limitations as specified by the Legislature (combined net income of less than $100,000). Mediators who are scheduled to mediate these cases are certified as family court mediators by the Florida Supreme Court.

Dependency Mediation
Mediation Services Coordinator (954) 831-6325
The program handles cases filed in Juvenile Dependency Court with an order to mediation signed by a judge. Mediation in these cases include charges of alleged abuse, abandonment or neglect. Multiple agencies are generally involved in these mediation sessions whereby the best interests of the children are addressed. Mediators working in this program are certified as dependency mediators by the Florida Supreme Court.

Circuit Civil Mediation
Alternative Dispute Resolution Director (954) 831-6075
The program coordinates cases referred to private mediation by Circuit and Family court Judges. Attorneys or pro se litigants can contact this program if they seek a randomly selected mediator from the rotation list maintained by this program. Statistics for all private mediation sessions held outside of CMAP programs are recorded and compiled monthly by the program.

Non-binding Arbitration
Alternative Dispute Resolution Director (954) 831-6075
The program reviews all applications for non-binding arbitration and maintains an updated listing of qualified non-binding arbitrators. The program also maintains statistics for non-binding arbitration orders and hearings in Broward County.

Click here for the 17th Circuit’s list of qualified arbitrators.
Arbitrator Application
Arbitration Statistical Summary
Order Referring Case to Arbitration – (Single Arbitrator)
Arbitrator Acceptance Form – (Single Arbitrator)
Notice of Arbitration Hearing – (Single Arbitrator)
Order Referring Case to Arbitration – (Panel Arbitration)
Arbitrator Acceptance Form – (Panel Arbitration)
Notice of Arbitration Hearing – (Panel Arbitration)
Order Referring Case to Arbitration – (Single Arbitrator- County Civil)
Arbitrator Acceptance Form – (Single Arbitrator- County Civil)
Notice of Arbitration Hearing – (Single Arbitrator- County Civil)

Parenting Coordination
Alternative Dispute Resolution Director (954) 831-6075
The program reviews all applications for parenting coordination and maintains a registry of parenting coordinators qualified pursuant to section 61.125, Florida Statutes.  Only qualified parenting coordinators from the Court’s registry may be appointed. Individuals seeking court-ordered appointments as a parenting coordinator must complete an application, or renewal application, as applicable, as required by the Florida Rules for Qualified and Court-Appointed Parenting Coordinators.

17th Judicial Circuit’s Parenting Coordinator Registry
Parenting Coordination Application
Parenting Coordinator Renewal Application
Continuing Education Reporting Form

Broward Community Justice Alternatives
General Questions (954) 831-6004
The program offers mediation for pre filed cases and agency referrals. Referrals may be made from the State Attorney’s Office when a charge has been filed or in lieu of a charge being filed. Criminal cases such as harassment, battery, assault, as well as misdemeanors and violations of city ordinances, worthless checks, sales tax diversion and other offenses deemed appropriate by the State Attorney’s Office can be referred to this program.
The program also accepts self-referrals when no charges have been filed. Neighborhood disputes, senior citizen issues, and other community problems and citizen disputes may be eligible for using these services. All parties must agree to attempt to resolve their issues through mediation when they are self-referred.
Florida Supreme Court certified county mediators will be assigned to assist the parties in each case to help resolve the issues. A fee maybe applicable for self referral cases where the parties agree to mediate.