Broward Professionalism Panel

17th Judicial Circuit Professionalism Panel Procedures


On June 6, 2013, the Supreme Court of Florida adopted the Code for Resolving Professionalism Complaints and directed the Chief Judge of each circuit to create a Local Professionalism Panel to receive and resolve professionalism complaints concerning attorneys. The purpose of the Panel is to receive, screen, evaluate and act upon complaints of unprofessional conduct and resolve those complaints informally, if possible, or refer to The Florida Bar if appropriate or necessary. The Panel is designed to address conduct inconsistent with the Standards of Professionalism in an informal, non-punitive, and educational manner.

Any judicial officer, attorney, or non-attorney who observes conduct on the part of an attorney that he or she believes is inconsistent with the Standards of Professionalism, may request the Panel to consider the matter by completing a referral form and submitting it to the Chairperson of the Panel. For more information, please refer to 2016-8-GEN. A direct link to the referral form can be found here.


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