Chief Judge Jack Tuter

Judicial Assistant: Mercedes Pacifico
Phone Number: (954) 831-7576
Chamber: WW20170
Courtroom: WW15150
Division: 7
Zoom Meeting ID: 319-670-946


Judicial Assistant: JoAnne Cappiello
Phone Number: 954-831-7240
Zoom Meeting ID: 500 897 463
Chamber: WW6133
Courtroom: WW6155
Division: MS/ZD/MI


Judicial Assistant: Stacy McMenemy
Phone Number: (954) 831-7566
Zoom Meeting ID: 328-337-467
Chamber: NW5790
Courtroom: NW5870
Division: FV/GC/57


Judicial Assistant: Suzanne Tracy
Phone Number: (954) 831-0654
Zoom Meeting ID: 462-550-124
Chamber: NW6850
Courtroom: WW11172
Division: 41

Undergraduate School: Florida Atlantic University
Undergraduate Degree: English
Law School:  Nova Southeastern University School of Law
Other Degrees:  Juris Doctor
Prior Positions: Trial Attorney: Criminal Prosecution and Defense, Civil Plaintiff and Defense
Florida Bar Admission: 5/15/1986


Judicial Assistant: Sheena Bergeron
Phone Number: (954) 831-7821
Zoom Meeting ID: 938-906-510
Chamber: NW7910
Courtroom: NW7900
Division: FH

Undergraduate School: University of Notre Dame
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Law School: Marquette University
Prior Positions Held: Past President of the Broward County Bar Assoc., Board of Governors for the Florida Bar
Florida Bar Admission: 1979


Judicial Assistant: Yvette Tomkins
Phone Number: (954) 831-7568
Zoom Meeting ID: 911-872-548
Chamber: WW13133
Courtroom: WW13156
Division: 54

Undergraduate School: Barry University
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. Psychology, Summa Cum Laude
Law School:  University of Florida, Levin College of Law
Florida Bar Admission: 9/22/2006


Judicial Assistant: Farida Major
Phone Number: (954) 831-7776
Zoom Meeting ID: 899-397-6299
Chamber: WW13131
Courtroom: WW13154
Division: 56

Undergraduate School: University of Florida/Rollins College
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts in English Literature, Minor in Art History
Law School: Nova Southeastern University
Prior Positions: Clerk for Benson, Ray and May, Legal Aid Lawyer, Solo Practitioner, Assistant Public Defender
Florida Bar Admission: 10/15/1984
Community Involvement: Florida Supreme Court's Justice Teaching Initiative, Adjunct Professor, Nova Law School, National Institute of Trial Attorneys Trial Ad Professor, Veterans Speech Judge, Moot Court Judge, Co-Founder, 2-4 The Show


Judicial Assistant: Barbara Ranalli
Phone Number: (954) 831-7091
Zoom Meeting ID: 232-523-414
Chamber: WW16133
Courtroom: WW16160
Division: 5/27


Judicial Assistant: Pam Cahill
Phone Number: (954) 831-0661
Zoom Meeting ID: 882-591-033
Chamber: NW5910
Courtroom: NW5900
Division: FW

Undergraduate School: Florida Atlantic University
Undergraduate Degree: BPA Public Administration
Law School: Tulane University
Florida Bar Admission: 10/29/1982


Judicial Assistant: Adele Granata
Phone Number: (954) 831-6362
Zoom Meeting ID: 763-453-911
Chamber: WW15135
Courtroom: WW15165
Division: 02

Undergraduate School: Florida Atlantic University
Undergraduate Degree:  Bachelor of Public Administration
Law School: St. Thomas University
Prior Positions: President, Bowman, Richardson & Tynan, PA
Florida Bar Admission: 2/19/1988
Community Involvement: Since 1980, active in numerous community and governmental organizations
Community Awards: 2007 Community Advocate of Year Broward, Florida Guardian Ad Litem Program

Judge Bowman is a lifetime resident of Broward County. He was elected to
the Circuit Court in 2002.
Prior to his election to office, Judge Bowman was in private practice. He
headed a civil practice law firm with a concentration in probate and estate
administration and litigation. Judge Bowman was admitted to the Florida
Bar in 1988 and was “AV” rated by Martindale-Hubbell. He is a Phi Theta
Kappa Scholar and graduate of St. Thomas University School of Law.
Judge Bowman presently serves in the Circuit Civil Division, and was
previously assigned to the Unified Family Dependency Division. He was the
Judicial Representative for the Broward County Bar Association 2008-2009,
and for the One Community Partnership, a federally funded project to
coordinate mental health services throughout Broward County.
Judge Bowman has served as an Associate Judge on the Fourth District Court
of Appeals and is on the Florida Bar Civil Procedures Rules Committee.
In 2007, he was awarded the Community Advocate of the Year for Broward
County by the State of Florida Guardian Ad Litem program.
Judge Bowman was the 2014-2015 President of the Stephen Booher American
Inns of Court. He has been the chair of the Broward National Adoption Day
committee for the past 14 years.
He is the 2017 Jurist of the Year, as presented by the Young Lawyers Division
of the Broward Bar.

Frequently asked questions for Uniform Motion Calendar:

HOPE TIEMAN BRISTOL (Admin. Judge - Unified Family)

Judicial Assistant: Nadine Turner
Phone Number: (954) 831-7882
Zoom Meeting ID: 690-396-951
Chamber: WW9135
Courtroom: WW9155
Division: JS/39/JG/JF/29

Undergraduate School: Emory University
Undergraduate Degree:  B.A. in Political Science and Judaic Studies
Law School: Nova Southeastern University
Prior Positions: Law office of Hope Tieman Bristol 1999-2004, Broward State's Attorney Office 1989-1999
Florida Bar Admission: 9/18/1989


Judicial Assistant: Mirta Perez
Phone Number: (954) 831-7675
Zoom Meeting ID: 373-669-451
Chamber: WW5131
Courtroom: WW5165
Division: MA

Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Undergraduate Degree:  Criminology
Law School: Nova Law
Other Degrees: Master's in Criminolgy
Other Degree: Legal Assistant to The Florida Bar, Assistant State Attorney, Private Attorney, General Magistrate
Florida Bar Admission: 4/25/1988
Community Involvement: Make A Wish of Southern Fla. on the Wish granting Committee and a volunteer, Jewish Community Center Board, Florida United Methodist Children's Home Advisory Board, Broward Children's Center Foundations Board, Broward County Crime Commission Advisory Board
Community Awards: Most recent: Inaugural National Volunteer of the Year Award from Make A Wish


Judicial Assistant: Anna Marie Potter
Phone Number: (954) 831-7039
Zoom Meeting ID: 224-754-993
Chamber: WW6127
Courtroom: WW6175
Division: MM


Judicial Assistant: Deba Khan
Phone Number: (954) 831-7823
Zoom Meeting ID: 335-631-889
Chamber: NW6790
Courtroom: NW6810
Division: FO


Judicial Assistant: Shelly Mears
Phone Number: (954) 831-8503
Zoom Meeting ID: 403-692-287
Chamber: WW5127
Courtroom: WW4155
Division: MN


Judicial Assistant: Patti Buchholz
Phone Number: (954) 831-5895
Zoom Meeting ID: 378-030-906
Chamber: WW11127
Courtroom: WW11154
Division: 37


Judicial Assistant: Tyrone Kintchen
Phone Number: (954) 831-5835
Zoom Meeting ID: 532-000-556
Chamber: NW4880
Courtroom: NW4870
Division: FB

Undergraduate School: State University of Albany
 Undergraduate Degree: Political Science
Law School: St. Thomas University
Prior Position: Assistant State Attorney (May 1998 – June 2017)
Florida Bar Admission: April 1998


Judicial Assistant: Karen Sisson
Phone Number: (954) 831-7819
Zoom Meeting ID: 640-125-193
Chamber: WW11138
Courtroom: WW11166
Division: 38

Undergraduate School: State University of New York at Stony Brook
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Law School: Stetson Hofstra University School of Law
Other Degrees: Juris Doctor
Prior Positions: Senior Assistant Attorney General
Florida Bar Admission: 10/4/1996
Community Involvement: Broward County Bar, Broward Jewish Federation, Promise Program Broward County Schools, HANDY


Judicial Assistant: Linda Munoz
Phone Number: (954) 831-7763
Zoom Meeting ID: 334-114-383
Chamber: WW11133
Courtroom: WW11164
Division: 40

Circuit Judge N. Hunter Davis
Undergraduate Degree: B.A., University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Law Degree: J.D., Washington & Lee University School of Law
Other Degrees: LL.M., University of Miami School of Law
Prior Positions: Assistant Statewide Prosecutor for the Florida Attorney General (Miami)
Special Assistant United States Attorney for the Southern District of Florida
Assistant State Attorney for the 17th and 20th Judicial Circuits
Bar Admissions: Florida (2008),Virginia (2009), South Carolina (2014)



Judicial Assistant: Tandakwa Walker
Phone Number: (954) 831-0322
Zoom Meeting ID: 499-985-495
Chamber: N138
Courtroom: N2
Division: 73


Judicial Assistant: Marcul Joseph
Phone Number: (954) 831-3381
Zoom Meeting ID: 190-948-749
Chamber: W270
Courtroom: W260
Division: WC/82

Undergraduate School: University of Miami
Law School: University of Florida Frederick G. Levin College of Law
Florida Bar Admission: 9/23/2005


Judicial Assistant: Tamar Hemmings
Phone Number: (954) 831-5708
Zoom Meeting ID: 906-144-255
Chamber: WW13135
Courtroom: WW13158
Division: 49

Undergraduate School: University of Florida
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science with a major in Psychology
Law School: Nova Southeastern University
Florida Bar Admission: 9/20/2006


Judicial Assistant: Angela Stitt
Phone Number: (954) 831-7783
Zoom Meeting ID: 769-044-718
Chamber: WW6135
Courtroom: WW6165
Division: MJ

Undergraduate School: Florida International University
Undergraduate Degree:  B.A. in Liberal Arts
Law School: Nova Southeastern University Shepard Broad Law School
Other Degrees:  J.D.
Prior Positions: Assistant Public Defender
Florida Bar Admission: 10/15/1984
Community Involvement: Nova Law School Board of Governors. Broward Young Lawyers Liaison. New Judge's College Faculty member (24 years). Faculty Member and Presenter for the College of Advanced Judicial Studies. Instructor for the National Institute of Trial Advocacy (N.I.T.A.) for 22 years.  Adjunct Professor Nova Law School Street Law Program ( 26 years).   Nova Law School Judicial Internship Program (7 years)  Liaison. Hispanic Law Student Luncheon Sponsor (17 years). Broward Homeless Outreach Center (3 years).
Community Awards: “Public Defender of the Year (1990) Hispanic of the Year (1995) Judge of the Year
1996 (Florida  Bar Law Related Education Committee) “


Judicial Assistant: Phyllis Lind
Phone Number: (954) 831-5540
Zoom Meeting ID: 419-713-883
Chamber: NW5880
Courtroom: NW5780
Division: FD


Judicial Assistant: Angelique Barnaby
Phone Number: (954) 831-1673
Zoom Meeting ID: 272-833-508
Chamber: WW5125
Courtroom: WW5170
Division: MW

FABIENNE E. FAHNESTOCK (Unified Family - Family Chair)

Judicial Assistant: Katarzyna Zielinski
Phone Number: (954) 831-7336
Zoom Meeting ID: 605-014-865
Chamber: WW11125
Courtroom: WW11152
Division: 35/19


Judicial Assistant: Victoria Cruz
Phone Number: (954) 831-7342
Zoom Meeting ID: 516-621-248
Chamber: NW4760
Courtroom: NW4780
Division: FY

Undergraduate School: Auburn University
Undergraduate Degree: B.S. in Accounting
Law School: Stetson University College of Law
Prior Positions: Assistant State Attorney 1996-1998, Sole Practitioner 1998-2016
Florida Bar Admission: 10/4/1996
Community Involvement: Florida High School Athletic Association Official (Football 1998-2011)


Judicial Assistant: Paula Galluccio
Phone Number: (954) 831-3304
Zoom Meeting ID: 684-278-427
Chamber: W210
Courtroom: W240
Division: WA/83

Undergraduate School: Florida International University
Undergraduate Degree: Bachelor of Science
Law School:  Nova Southeastern University School of Law
Florida Bar Admission: 10/31/1983

BARRY (Senior Judge) STONE (Foreclosure - Senior Judge)

Phone Number: (954) 831-7770
Chamber: WW9125
Courtroom: WW4150
Division: 11


Judicial Assistant: Grace Valentin
Phone Number: (954) 831-2314
Zoom Meeting ID: 855-034-385
Chamber: W210
Courtroom: W240
Division: 81/WE


Judicial Assistant: Karena Griffiths
Phone Number: (954) 831-7395
Zoom Meeting ID: 647-324-402
Chamber: WW16127
Courtroom: WW16155
Division: 12

Undergraduate School: Florida State University
Undergraduate Degree: Criminal Justice
Law School: University of Florida Levin College of Law
Other Degree: College of Law
Prior Position: Partner: Kelly Kronenberg
Florida Bar Admission: 9/19/2000
Community Involvement: Big Brothers Big Sisters; March of Dimes; Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.