Chief Judge Jack Tuter

Judicial Assistant: Maria Prieto
Phone Number: (954) 831-7576
Chamber: WW20170
Courtroom: WW17150
Division: 7
Zoom Meeting ID: 319-670-946
Notice to the Public:
The Code of Judicial Conduct governing behavior by judges forbids judges to discuss pending cases with the public or parties to cases. Please do not call the Court expecting to speak with a judge about any case. The Court is only allowed to consider evidence and arguments made in the courtroom and in documents properly filed by actual parties in the case as authorized by law and the Rules of Court. The Court cannot ethically read or consider any other evidence or arguments about the case.

CHRISTOPHER (Senior Judge) POLE (Foreclosure - Senior Judge)

Phone Number: (954) 831-6072
Zoom Meeting ID: 914-9639-3836
Chamber: WW3121
Courtroom: WW4150
Division: 11

CAROL-LISA PHILLIPS (Admin. Judge Circuit Civil)

Judicial Assistant: Maria Diamond
Phone Number: (954) 831-7554
Zoom Meeting ID: 735-58-3281
Chamber: WW15127
Courtroom: WW15175
Division: 26


Judicial Assistant: Makila Holmes
Phone Number: (954) 831-6905
Zoom Meeting ID: 652-374-798
Chamber: NW7790
Courtroom: NW7810
Division: FZ


Judicial Assistant: Simone Tucker Reid
Phone Number: (954) 831-5597
Zoom Meeting ID: 856 9574 3585
Chamber: WW5129
Courtroom: WW5155
Division: 100