Media Relations

Media Relations

This Media page is for use by members of the media and the public. We hope this will assist you in obtaining information regarding prominent matters occurring in the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit. This area on our website offers the ability to access media guidelines for various types of court proceedings and courthouses, news releases, Administrative Orders relating to media activity in the court, Judicial Orders for high-profile cases, and publications such as Circuit newsletters and event announcements.

In order to assist with media accommodations in often-crowded courtrooms, members of the media wishing to cover a court proceeding should contact the Public Information Officer (PIO) for the Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida, prior to arrival in court:

Josh Rodriguez
Communication Specialist
Seventeenth Judicial Circuit of Florida
(954) 831-7559

Administrative Orders Pertaining to Media

Administrative Order 2021-74-GEN: Governing Media  Updated 12/10/2021
Administrative Order 2022-8-GEN: Rules Governing Members of the Public During Court Proceedings in State v. Nikolas Jacob Cruz    Updated 2/1/2022
Administrative Order 2018-4-GEN: Regarding the Use of Cellular Telephones and Other Electronic Devices in Courtrooms and Court Proceedings
Administrative Order 2020-42-GEN (Amendment 2): Procedures for Court Proceedings and Depositions Held Using Web-Based Video Conferencing Platforms
Administrative Order 2018-14-CRIM: STATE OF FLORIDA V. NIKOLAS JACOB CRUZ, CASE NUMBER 18-001958 CF10A
Administrative Order 2019-82-CRIM: Supplemental Order to 2018-14-CRIM (above)
Administrative Order 2018-42-GEN: Judicial Branch Records Requests

Press Releases

Judge Merrigan awarded second star from the US Senate , 10/18/2022

Notice of Jury Duty Scam, 6/8/2023

Community Guidelines

Please see the link below for more information on the 17th Judicial Circuits Community Guidelines:

Social Media Disclaimer

For Information Regarding Procedures For Judicial Branch Records Requests: Click Here

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